Hotelbeds Cancun


Tourism offices for over 90 employees

600m2 | 6458.34 ft² construction area  

Herman Millar Modular furniture

None cubical office spaces for friendly atmosphere

Style: Loft style, with exterior industrial HVAC system, and geometric gypsum ceiling.

Designed & Supervised by Annie Ayva

Date June 2006 - Dic 2006

Cancun Q.Roo

For this project of the layout plan was tailor-made for Herman Miller workstations. The window cases doubled as a storage space that connected to the workstations, so even though it is an open office space still looks clean and sleek with enough storage for files.


Interlocking and open spaces were created to manage privacy across public and private spaces.  The HVAC system is external, and in combination with geometrical gypsum boards and Hunter Douglass curved ceilings, it adds more design to the ceiling.


The color scheme from the Hotelbed’s corporate identity was also reflected in the materials used, including entrance wall colors and coated glass.

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